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On-grid, Off-grid & Hybrid

SPI offers cutting-edge alternative energy solutions for the rapidly growing solar markets in East Africa. The company specializes in photo-voltaic solar systems for the production of clean energy--including on-grid, off-grid & hybrid systems.


Grid tied solar systems for commercial businesses are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. With rising electricity tariffs, many businesses and government facilities are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity. SPI has designed and installed hundreds of solar PV systems on rooftops of industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. Grid tied solar systems can easily save you thousands of dollars in energy costs, thus making it one of the most popular forms of renewable energy worldwide.
Today’s grid tied solar systems are easy to purchase and require virtually no maintenance to keep operating at peak efficiency for many years. Nowadays, PV panels are more cost-effective than ever before due to increased efficiencies in their design. The biggest advantage of grid tied solar systems is that they work with a renewable energy source parallel to what is available via grid power.
Thus, the commercial solar investment is an easy choice to make. Considering the fact that electricity costs will undoubtedly continue to escalate, the solar system will become more valuable with time. Little or no maintenance on the system keeps initial costs from outweighing the benefits, and the solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.


SPI provides off grid solar systems for various enterprises, including Telecommunication, Security and Control Applications.
Telecommunications and security applications are often located out of reach of the grid lines, thus requiring a reliable power source customized especially for it. In other cases, the costs of infrastructure and other power alternatives are too high. SPI's solar energy systems were developed to provide a reliable, cost-effective source of energy for telecom and security systems in remote locations.

Possible Applications: VSAT, WIFI access points, Antennas, Access points, RF end points, Perimeter fencing, Security systems, Electric fences, Cellular repeaters.

System Description
The systems are designed to provide either DC or AC voltages (telecom systems are normally 12/24/48V DC). The systems provide sufficient energy for the specific application and store the energy in "maintenance free" batteries. They also provide energy on rainy/cloudy days for up to 7 days without sun, depending on client specifications. Installation of the system is simple and requires virtually no maintenance.


One of our most effective power generating solutions for rural areas is the hybrid mini-grid. It is a very reliable, independent and cost-effective solution with low operation and maintenance expenses.
A mini-grid is a centralized hybrid solution, which means that it acts like a small power generation plant, utilizing a local electricity distribution network and saving the hassle of installing and maintaining hundreds of small consumer systems. This makes it a very efficient and convenient solution for municipalities, governments and investors who wish to provide energy to remote populations.
Mini-grid systems are able to harness the natural energy resources available in a specific area. While surveying the location, we identify the most suitable and cost effective energy resources available, based on solar PV technology combined with energy storage and a diesel generator as a backup or parallel topology.
Functioning autonomously, a mini-grid power system can provide almost the same quality and services as the national grid. The solutions operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using battery storage to provide service both at night and on cloudy days.
Possible Applications: Remote villages, Rural hospitals and clinics, Schools, Water plants, Border and military posts, Security facilities.

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