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ABOUT SPI (Solar Power & Infrastructure)

Solar Power & Infrastructure (SPI) is an affiliation of the Glosec Group and Achelis, operating in East Africa and providing various Energy & Water, Mechanical & Electrical and Security, Safety & Control solutions.

SPI's Committed to East Africa Market (EAM)

Solar Power & Infrastructure (SPI) is highly committed to the East Africa Market. SPI's headquarters is in Kenya and includes marketing & sales, operations and service & support, as well as a logistic center that serves the company's network throughout East Africa.

Value Engineering

SPI's goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the absolute best customer experience. We accomplish this by virtue of our team of the most experienced and highly skilled employees in the field. Our professional workforce focuses on the design and implementation of each individual project – right down to the smallest details.

We at SPI pride ourselves upon our high engineering capabilities in the design stage, where SPI studies the customer's needs and analyzes their requirements. In the implementation stage, SPI works closely with the customer to ensure smooth installation. In the operational stage, the company provides routine, around-the-clock support and maintenance to ensure the system's capability and performance.

SPI's Best Customer Experience Strategy

SPI's commitment to excellence is reflected in every stage of the design, implementation and maintenance of each and every project. SPI uses only the leading components available, and all components used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards.

SPI provides its clients with complete and comprehensive support, including consultation regarding the most suitable solutions, training and professional service.


About the Management


Glosec is a global leader in the design, supply, installation, integration and commissioning of security systems, solar & energy, building transformation and E&M systems.

Founded in 1971 with headquarters in the Netherlands, the company serves West Europe out of its Amsterdam office, East Europe out of Bucharest & Belgrade offices, and Africa out of Nairobi & Addis Ababa offices.



The Achelis Group of companies has over half a century of vast experience East Africa namely; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The global group operates a network of associated companies, located in Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Zambia.




  • Certified Electrical engineering service contractor by the national construction authority.

  • Certified Electrical engineering services by the national construction authority

  • ERC Certified

Our Values

We at SPI believe in:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Clean & Green Environment

  • State of the art solutions

  • Value Engineering

  • Integrity & Respect

  • Collaboration

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